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Oct 26

Game keeps crashing


The game crashes periodically. I make sure I save the game regularly but the last time I saved the game and it crashed seconds later, I continued but it put me back 40 minutes, losing a lot of my progress.

I’ve just started a new configuration and i’m saving my progress every minute, but it keeps crashing and sending me right back to the beginning. Good job I still have the money that i’ve made. It’s getting a bit frustrating though because I’m not making any progress beyond about 15 minutes.

Oct 28Edited: Oct 28

@Chris Riches, Hello Chris, first of all thanks for taking time to report any issues/bugs experienced in the game. We think this has to do with the new IOS 13. It should be resolved shortly. In the meantime continue to save your progress often and reload the saved games. When this bug is confirmed resolved we will mention it here in the forums

Ever since I muted the audio buttons, it has stopped crashing. I’ve played a full hour without it crashing whereas it was crashing every 15 minutes before.

Oct 30

@Chris Riches This information has been very helpful. We are working to resolve this so that you can play using the voice again. Thanks, The SkyHeart Tower team

@skyheartv Thanks, it’s just the button press audio I have disabled, i’ve still got the voice enabled and the aircraft sounds.

@Chris Riches the crashing issue related to the new IOS 13 has been resolved. You can download the new version of the game now (version 1.24.146). This bug has been fixed. Thanks again Chris.

Hi, thanks for the update. I’m sorry to say there seems to be a problem with it. First of all i’m now unable to load my saved game which I had put quite a few hours into and now the $$$ that I had built up (nearly 10,000) has been reset to 2000, plus all my previous purchases have been reset. Also, after starting a new game, the airport appears to be dead, no arrivals, no departures. I set the arrivals to every 2 minutes and waited for longer than that, but there’s nothing happening. Sorry.

Nov 10

@Chris Riches we will further investigate the saved game bugs. Which purchases did you lose? Once you restarted the app and played a new game from scratch, did they return?

I had the binoculars and camera views and about $10,000 saved up. All of this disappeared after the update as well as all the aircraft. Now it’s a dead airport with no arrivals and no departures and no aircraft at the terminals, it’s unplayable at the moment.

7 days ago

@Chris Riches The new IOS updates in recent weeks have kept us busy trying to maintain compatibility. Game version 1.24.157 was released today with some of the needed adjustments. It should help with some of the bugs you have experienced. Enjoy.

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  • I’ve been playing one scenario for about 5 hours in total (not continuously). At the beginning I saved and when I returned later there were about 4 aircraft parked at their terminals with no information panel and they’ve remained there ever since. It’s like they are there but they are not supposed to be because some aircraft are landing and trying to park at the terminals occupied by these ‘phantom’ planes. I can’t even delete them because there’s nothing to click on to get rid of them. I’m sure it’s a bug.
  • I’m not sure if they’re meant to work from the very beginning but the button does nothing when I press it.
  • Hi, there have been a few times where i’ve saved a game and then when i’ve returned to it later, one or more of the aircraft have disappeared, even though they are still there in the game. Another time I saved the game in the middle of a runway inspection and when I returned later, the ops information panel had disappeared but the inspection vehicle was still on the runway.