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- Delete button used :  $100

- Loss of wake turbulence separation on departure between aircraft (3/4/5 miles) The distances are only measured between departing airborne aircraft : $300

- **Controller is not fined if aircraft involved is executing a go around. However, they are fined via a different situation described below when the go around is initiated by the airplane**

- Airplane executes go around b/c vehicles / plow still on runway

- **Controller is not fined if they instruct airplane to execute a go around. They are fined only if aircraft initiated the go around** : $500

- Airplane cleared for takeoff while vehicles /plow still on runway : $1000

- Aircraft misses EDCT : $300

- Aircraft cleared for takeoff outside of EDCT time.
- (outside of +/- 5 mins of EDCT time) :

- Airplane not instructed to contact departure within 3 miles of runway after takeoff (aircraft which go around during arrival can be switched to departure control at anytime, as long as it's before the 3miles) : $300

- Aircraft is cleared to cross runway in FRONT of a departing aircraft :  $1000


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