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Oct 26

Video Ads not working


I’m not sure if they’re meant to work from the very beginning but the button does nothing when I press it.

@Chris Riches Hello, the new version of the game (version 1.24.146) is available for download now and this has been resolved. Thanks again for taking the time to report the bugs.

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  • I’ve been playing one scenario for about 5 hours in total (not continuously). At the beginning I saved and when I returned later there were about 4 aircraft parked at their terminals with no information panel and they’ve remained there ever since. It’s like they are there but they are not supposed to be because some aircraft are landing and trying to park at the terminals occupied by these ‘phantom’ planes. I can’t even delete them because there’s nothing to click on to get rid of them. I’m sure it’s a bug.
  • The game crashes periodically. I make sure I save the game regularly but the last time I saved the game and it crashed seconds later, I continued but it put me back 40 minutes, losing a lot of my progress.
  • Hi, there have been a few times where i’ve saved a game and then when i’ve returned to it later, one or more of the aircraft have disappeared, even though they are still there in the game. Another time I saved the game in the middle of a runway inspection and when I returned later, the ops information panel had disappeared but the inspection vehicle was still on the runway.