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Nov 3

Phantom Aircraft


I’ve been playing one scenario for about 5 hours in total (not continuously). At the beginning I saved and when I returned later there were about 4 aircraft parked at their terminals with no information panel and they’ve remained there ever since. It’s like they are there but they are not supposed to be because some aircraft are landing and trying to park at the terminals occupied by these ‘phantom’ planes. I can’t even delete them because there’s nothing to click on to get rid of them. I’m sure it’s a bug.

@Chris Riches thanks for the report. If you experience this again or remember which gates it occurred at, include that info in the bug report. It will help when testing and attempting to duplicate the issue. On another note, we have resolved the crashing issue related to the controller speech input in the game. A new version will be released soon and will be sure to mention it here.

7 days ago

@Chris Riches I am not sure we have fully gotten rid of the 'phantom aircraft' with today's release, but they should definitely be deleteable if this scenario is encountered again.

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