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Oct 26


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I’ve been playing for quite a while now and I thought I would start a thread with some suggestions for improvement which other players and myself can add to.


1. In the ASDE panel, it would be really useful if there was a semi transparent cone originating from the tower to show which direction the player is viewing.


2. It would really add something to the experience if the planes had navigation lights.


3. It would also add to the experience if there was a day/night cycle and dynamic weather, maybe even a weather radar?

4. More Airports 😬🙂


Thanks for developing this game, i’m loving it so far!



Oct 28

@Chris Riches We really appreciate such valuable suggestions. In response:

1) Your ASDE panel suggestion will be noted and we can definitely see how it can help with situational awareness, especially for new players.

2) All applicable aircraft lights will be added later on when we introduce night operations to the game

3) Expect to see all of these in the future as we make upgrades and enhancements

4) There will definitely be more airports. The goal is to provide both advanced airports like KEWR and also easier ones to manage for less experienced air traffic controllers

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